OFX Graduate Programme

OFX are delighted to offer two graduate programmes, our Summer Intern Programme and Traineeship Programme. Our commitment to graduates is to provide them with the best possible experience of and insight to the world of law.

Summer Intern Programme

Our Summer Intern Programme offers a unique opportunity to law graduates to experience life in a commercial law firm.

The internship lasts for a period of four weeks and includes two rotations in two different departments. The intern will be exposed to the workings of each department and will also be allocated two overarching projects as well as department specific work. Of these two projects, the first will be based on legal research skills and the second will be business development orientated.

Interns will be allocated a mentor at partner level and at trainee level as part of our Mentor Liaison System. This provides the intern with a greater understanding to the duties of a trainee and the role of partner at the firm.

Various levels of training will be provided “on the job” and admission to the internship will allow the intern access to a traineeship interview upon completion of the internship.

Applications for our 2023 Summer Internship Programme will open on Monday, 9 January 2023.

If you are interested in applying for a position on our Summer Internship Programme, please submit your CV and a cover letter here.

If you have any queries, please contact recruit@ofx.ie.

Traineeship Programme

Click here to find out what life is like as a trainee solicitor at OFX.

Our promise to trainees is to provide them with the requisite skills and knowledge that are necessary to become successful solicitors. We focus on the personal and professional development of trainees to ensure they reach their full potential in the legal field.

In the context of your training with OFX you will have the opportunity to work in five different practice areas and complete at least one rotation in each of the four major fields of practise namely:

  • Corporate/Commercial;
  • Litigation;
  • Commercial Property; and
  • Private Client.

OFX has an open-door policy in place which encourages questions and queries being raised by trainees at all times.

All of our trainees will be mentored directly by a Partner of the firm. This affords you the opportunity to work within an existing team and build relations external to OFX with fellow professionals within the business community, as well as to learn from highly experienced professionals within the firm.

It provides those who are interested in a career in the legal profession an opportunity to consider what life is like in a commercial firm.

You can apply for a traineeship in OFX by submitting your CV with a cover letter outlining why you wish to be chosen for consideration here, when applications reopen on 9 January 2023.

Trainees are primarily selected through the internship programme.  If you apply for a training contract, you may first be offered an internship.

If you have any queries, please contact recruit@ofx.ie