Tenders and Procurement

OFX provides advice to private and public sector clients on a wide range of procurement issues in particular with a view to ensuring that any tender processes as implemented are transparent and in accordance with the provisions of Irish and EU Public Procurement Law and recent caselaw in this area.

We provide practical and timely advice to clients dealing with challenges to tender processes and other contentious issues in the procurement law area.


Advice in the procurement area includes the following;

  • Drafting tender documentation.
  • Drafting framework agreements.
  • Evaluation of tenders and contract award criteria.
  • Advices on interpretation of European Union and Irish procurement legislation and relevant caselaw.
  • Preparing relevant procurement notices.
  • Dealing with any claims arising out of procurement processes.
  • Pursuing remedies for breach of procurement rules.


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Judith Curtin


Irene O’Donovan