Residential Tenancies (Amendment) Act 2015

On 4 December 2015, The Residential Tenancies (Amendment) Act 2015 was signed into law.

The following noteworthy provisions of the 2015 Act came into immediate effect:-

  1. a temporary prohibition on conducting rent reviews more often than once in every 2 year period. This restriction is temporary in that it applies until 3 December 2019 when rent reviews may once again be conducted once every 12 months;
  1. the notification period before a new rent can take effect has been increased from 28 days to 90 days; and
  1. a provision increasing the notice period for the termination of tenancies where there has been occupation of between 4 and 8 years.

Other provisions including the introduction of a deposit protection scheme (new security deposit) and the expansion of the Private Residential Tenancies Board remit to include not – for – profit Approved Housing Bodies are not yet in effect but will be be commenced at a later date.

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